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The Jefferson Key

Good morning!  The book that I’d like to tell you about this week is The Jefferson Key by Steve Berry.  This is a great read for any of you who love times past in addition to a good thriller.

In the history of the United States, four presidents have been assassinated–in 1865, 1881, 1901 and 1963.  While all seemingly unrelated, the premise of this fictional book suggests that they may have all been killed for the same reason and that it leads back to a clause in the Constitution.  The book opens with the protagonist, Cotton Malone, stopping a modern-day assassination attempt.  The pace takes off at mach speed after that as Cotton and his lady friend, Cassiopeia Vitt, try to find and stop the people behind the violence.  Their chase takes them up and down the U.S. east coast, then to Nova Scotia, and they encounter shady government officials and modern-day pirates in their quest.  (I scratched my head when I saw the word pirate; but we’re not talking Johnny Depp here.  Trust me, Berry pulls it off brilliantly).

You will not get lulled into complacency while reading this book, I promise.  There’s several story lines going on throughout the narrative, and they all come together in perfect harmony at the end.  I liked it so much that I’m reading another Berry book, so stay tuned for that one…see you next week!  🙂

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Buried Secrets

The book that I finished listening to today was Buried Secrets, by Joseph Finder, and it was a great read…listen, whatever.  🙂  In this story, Nick Heller races against the clock to save the daughter of a billionaire hedge-fund manager who’s been buried alive.  What initially appears to be a kidnap-for-ransom situation gets complicated very quickly, and Nick finds himself entangled with foreign enemies, the FBI, a previous love interest, and a state senator’s high-maintenance teenage daughter.  Attempting to distinguish the good guys from the bad keeps Nick on his toes from start to finish.

The setting for the book is in Boston and New Hampshire, and Finder does a great job describing the New England locales.  His supporting characters add warmth and humor to the heart-pounding plot, and it all wraps up perfectly at the end.

I hope that you all enjoy the story as much as I did.  See you next week, happy reading!

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Welcome Mystery Readers!

If you’re like me and constantly looking for great authors and books, I hope this site will become a valuable tool for you.  Each week I will be posting a recommendation for a mystery novel that I’ve recently read (or listened to).  I look forward to your comments and feedback as well—excellent writing deserves to be shared.  Thanks for visiting!

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