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Good freezing Sunday morning! (I can imagine you Florida people smirking as I type). This week’s read is a little bit off the beaten path of my typical mystery. It’s Explosive Eighteen, by Janet Evanovich. This is the eighteenth book in the Stephanie Plum series, and it’s another zany, but entertaining, story with Stephanie-the-bounty-hunter, Lula, Morelli, Ranger, and the other usual suspects. If you haven’t read any of the previous books, no worries, you don’t have to. There’s enough background information to get you up-to-speed for this book.

As a side note, I listened to the book on my IPod, rather than reading it, and I love Lorelei King as the narrator. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to read another of Evanovich’s books because King makes them so fun to listen to.

Anyway, this story begins with Stephanie returning from a trip to Hawaii. Book 17 left readers hanging as to which hunky guy she invited along with her, and yes, you’ll eventually find out. And you’ll also find out why she has a tan line on her ring finger. Curious yet? 🙂 She gets back to New Jersey, only to discover that she has a picture of a strange man in her belongings, and of course, that man turns up dead. Then the fun begins. Real and fake FBI agents start questioning Stephanie, and from there it leads to compacted bodies in a junk yard, chasing a skip who repeatedly steals her car, an inadvertent love potion for Lula, a stint as a roommate with her nemesis Joyce Barnhart, a funeral home scene with Grandma Mazur (what good is a Plum book without one of those?), rocket launchers, a killer named Razzle Dazzle, and a rat-infested bail bonds office.

As you’ve probably gathered, it’s a fun, silly read like the others in the series. There are a couple of times when I found myself saying C’mon Man—but there were so many laugh-out-loud moments that definitely outweighed the ones that seemed just a little too outrageous. It’s a very quick read that will leave you smiling at the end. As for Morelli and Ranger…well, happy reading! 🙂



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Cruel Intent

Greetings!  This week’s read was Cruel Intent by J.A. Jance, who has written about a billion mysteries, ranging from the Ali Reynolds series to Joanna Brady to J.P Beaumont and others.  I keep “rediscovering” her when I’m looking for a quick paperback to read, and she hasn’t let me down.

This book’s main character was Ali Reynolds, who manages to unwittingly get involved in murder and mayhem (not the guy from the All State commercials 🙂 ) in every story. While in the process of remodeling her new home, Ali’s contractor becomes the prime suspect in his wife’s brutal murder. With help from the authorities, Ali realizes that the wife was active in a website called Singleatheart.com, a website for married people who “feel” single. (And no, I haven’t checked to see if that’s a real website. I don’t care to have my hubby think that I’m out on the prowl, lol. Sadly, I’m sure that many sites like that exist, regardless of this being a real or fictitious website). Ali innocently logs in to the site to do some research but doesn’t realize that a killer has latched on to her computer from the other end. Fortunately, Ali has a friend who’s an expert in computers, and when they discover that she’s been hacked, they decide to turn the tables on the bad guy by crashing his computer and stealing all of his files. Needless to say, the killer’s none-too-happy about his world falling apart and decides to put an end to it. And to Ali.

Mixed in with the drama is a Thanksgiving dinner for way-too-many people, a last minute wedding, and a cast of very lovable characters. As always, adding to the “cute factor” of the book are Ali’s parents.  In this story, Ali’s mother, Edie, who’s in her sixties, has recently purchased a Taser, much to the dismay of Ali’s father. Good stuff.

This is a quick, easy read and will be a good companion for you on a sunny day at the pool or a cold day by the fireplace, depending on your locale.  Happy reading, have a great week!

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