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Happy sunny Sunday morning everyone! I hope this finds you doing well.

This week’s book was titled Dirt, by Stuart Woods, and it was GREAT. I’ve read this author before, but for some reason, I’d forgotten about him. Stone Barrington is the main character in this story—as he is in many of Woods’ books—and I’d forgotten what an engaging character he is.

The gist of the story is that a gossip columnist in NYC, Amanda Dart, has had the tables turned on her, and one of her most intimate, scandalous moments finds its way into the headlines. Through a friend of a friend, she ends up hiring Stone—both a private eye and attorney—to find out who’s behind the dirty work. What initially appears to be someone simply trying to get back at the snarky Ms. Dart ends up being anything but simple; burglaries, false identities and murder are just part of the whirlwind of mayhem that ensues. Coupled with the mystery is the very “glam” world of the who’s-who in New York City, and for those of you who enjoy a bit of salacious reading, there is all kinds of that in this story. Mr. Barrington is quite the ladies man…

This was a super-quick, fun read, and something that was surprisingly enjoyable was some of the outdated references. While this book was only published in 1996, there were a lot of references to communications via fax machine (not email); the characters were “shocked” to learn that cell phones could be traced (lol); there was one scene with an Instamatic camera (which I thought were outdated even in ’96); and possibly, the most telling of all…there was a to-die-for apartment on East 66th, between Fifth and Madison, that was in the $700,000 range. (puh-lease). I found myself smiling at all of those little elements and now find it difficult to think that 1996 was really quite awhile ago. *Sigh*

Anyway…if you want to think, laugh, and get your juices flowing a little bit, this is a MUST read. I’m glad I rediscovered Stuart Woods and will be finding another Stone Barrington book again soon. ‘Til next week my friends, happy reading!  🙂

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Happy Sunday morning readers! I hope this finds you doing well.

This week I finished listening to a great novel, called Hide, by Lisa Gardner. This was my first Gardner book, and I’ve already downloaded another one; she’s rightfully earned a new fan.

The premise of the book is as follows:  imagine being seven years old and coming home one day to have your parents tell you that you can grab two things out of your bedroom and that you must hurry because you’re all leaving town forever. Imagine changing your name and trying to remember your parents “new” names. Imagine doing that every year or so until you’re in your twenties. Imagine that life and then losing both of your parents to tragedy before you’re thirty. Imagine living back in the city you first ran from but not knowing what/who you’ve been running from since you were a child. Finally, imagine hearing that a mass grave has been found (sadly, with mummified young girls), that you’ve been declared dead, and that your death occurred twenty-five years ago…back when you were seven.

I hope you’re intrigued, because it was a very good read. There was tons of suspense, and a few times when I thought—“Aha, I’ve figured it out”—when in reality, I had exactly zero figured out. The ending did have me scratching my head a little bit, because I thought a couple of “coincidences” in the story were just a little too big to be believable. But sometimes real life is hard to believe, too, so I’m over it. 🙂 Enjoy your week, and happy reading!

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Congratulations to Staci Shuber for winning the April referral contest! Staci will be receiving a $100 Visa gift card from yours truly. 🙂 Thanks to Staci and to all of you who sent me email addresses for the blog. I hope that you have a great week, and I’ll “see” you on Sunday.  Till then…happy reading!

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