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Good morning All! I hope this finds you happy and healthy on a sunny Sunday morning.

This past week, I started listening to a great book and also began reading an awesome book, but I didn’t finish either one of them. So, as I’ve promised in the past, I dug into the archives and came up with a really fun read that I think you’ll enjoy.

The title is The Big Dig, and for those of you who live around Boston, you’ll know that’s a play on words for the 14-billion-dollar boondoggle that revamped the city’s infrastructure. (To be fair, it did help immensely, but 14-billion?? Holy shnikkies). For you readers, it’s a fictional story about six-foot-tall, sassy, red-headed Carlotta Carlyle, who has to go undercover at one of the big dig’s construction sites to investigate accusations of fraud, and eventually murder. While trying to “blend” at her undercover gig, she also takes on a missing person’s case which turns out to NOT be a piece of cake, and during the turmoil of both cases, she internally battles herself about her ex-boyfriend who has possible mob ties. Other than that, she doesn’t have a lot going on… 🙂

Linda Barnes has created a great character in Carlyle ~ she’s fearless yet flawed, and that makes her real. It’s a very easy read, and I’d highly recommend it with a nice glass of lemonade outside. Next week, I’ll have at least one of the other books I mentioned finished, and so far, they’re both GREAT. ‘Til then, happy reading everyone!

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Happy Sunday morning readers~and Happy Father’s Day to many of you! I hope this finds you doing well.

This week’s read/listen was titled The Hard Way, by Lee Child, with his always-entertaining main character, Jack Reacher. This is probably my sixth of seventh Reacher book, and he’s still the drifter vigilante that he’s been in the previous reads. And like the other stories before this one, it was VERY good.

In this adventure, Reacher inadvertently witnesses a ransom drop off and pick up, and needless to say—it’s on. He’s subsequently hired by a very rich—and very psycho—man to find his kidnapped wife and step-daughter. Interestingly enough, the man’s first wife was also kidnapped and eventually killed. Hunh. Coincidence? Well, that’s for you and Reacher to find out…

As with all Reacher books, it’s very fast paced and will have your heart thumping throughout. Reacher uses his brain as much as possible to solve the mystery, but it wouldn’t be a Lee Child story if he didn’t have Reacher stomping some major *ss in several sections throughout the book. So yes, there’s definitely some broken bones, blood, and dead bodies by the end of it, but all those people had it coming. 🙂 ‘Til next week, happy reading!

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Happy Sunday morning readers! I hope this finds you doing well.

This week’s read/listen was titled Live to Tell, by Lisa Gardner. I wrote about a different Gardner book (Hide) a couple of blogs ago and also recommend this one. But be forewarned—it’s definitely a good mystery, but it deals with a tough topic.

What was neat about listening to this book was that there were three narrators, so it was very easy to follow who was talking. As in Hide, one of the main characters was Detective D.D. Warren, but she really only made up about one-third of the book. There were three story lines, told by three different vantage points, with the predictable and necessary ending that tied the three sets of circumstances together.

Setting: Boston. Main characters: all female. Problem: entire families being killed within their own homes, with the prime suspects being…children.

While the mystery definitely drives the story, there’s some gut-wrenching and thought-provoking sections where you’ll find yourself wondering what you would do if faced with an eight-year-old child who’s a danger to them self, to you, to your spouse, to your other children, and to everyone else around him/her. Ugh. I’m embarrassed to say that I’d never really thought about mental illness in children prior to reading this book.

There’s also some good “baggage” within the main characters that helps you understand how they tick and why they do what they do. We humans are darn complicated!

As you can guess, the mystery gets solved, and justice prevails in the end. Whether or not these poor kids are responsible for the aforementioned crimes will be for you to find out. It’s an intense, good book, and I hope that you enjoy it. ‘Til next week, happy reading! 🙂

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