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Happy Sunday morning! This is a fun time of year with the March Madness Tournament, and for some people, spring is also in the air, so that’s a great thing as well. I’m convinced that spring will find us in Boston at some point this year–maybe May or June?? Enough snow already!

This week’s read was Entombed, by Linda Fairstein. I love her writing and thought that I’d read all of her Alex Cooper books, but I found this one a couple of weeks back and was really glad I did. In this story. a skeleton is found entombed in a basement wall in an old NYC townhouse, a place where Edgar Allan Poe had once lived. The ties to Poe, along with the fact that the skeleton has only been there for twenty-five years, lead Alex and her cohorts, Mike and Mercer, on a trail to find the murderer. If that wasn’t enough to keep them busy, NYC’s serial rapist from a few years prior–gone dormant–appears to be back in action, and the suspect has ties to the immunity-protected United Nations in downtown NYC. Red-tape much?

This is a fast-paced mystery, with lots of historical background about the city of New York and Edgar Allan Poe, and Fairstein always makes me feel just a tad-bit smarter after reading one of her novels. For that, I am grateful. So grab the book, enjoy it, learn a little, and find out what type of influence Poe still has on his followers out there in our world… ‘Til next week, happy reading!

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Good Sunday morning! Did you remember to “spring” your clocks forward? I personally am completely ready for spring, so the extra hour of daylight tonight will be a welcome friend.

This week’s book was Private, by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro. A couple of blogs ago, I read the second book in this series, and this was the first. (I always manage to do that–find the second, third, or fourth book in a series and then start with that one. Anyway). In this mystery, we learn a little bit more about the origins of Private, an investigative service to the uber-wealthy and famous in LA. As the other book did, this read had several story lines going at once–Jack receiving daily death threats via phone, a serial killer on the loose who’s murdering young girls, game-fixing in the NFL, Jack coming to grips with some of his past from Desert Storm, and then there’s some relationship “stuff” as well. Between his love life and his brother (talk about giving new meaning to evil twin), it surprises me that Jack even leaves the house.

This was a super-fast read, and one of the chapters was actually less than a page. I think the short chapters are what makes it go by so quickly. You could easily blow through this in a couple of afternoons. And now that I’ve read the first two books out-of-order, I’ll go looking for the third. And I’ll get back to you. 🙂 ‘Til next week, happy reading!

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