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Happy Sunday afternoon! I hope this finds you well.

This week’s recommendation is Termination Orders by Leo J. Maloney. My sister was reading his second book when she was out visiting a few weeks ago, so I checked out this first book of his, and it was good.

You’ll like this story if you’re into Jason Bourne, Jack Ryan, and Mitch Rapp type of main characters. The hero in this story is Dan Morgan, who used to work for the CIA and is now leading a life as an antique car dealer. Yeah, right. As you’d expect, Dan gets pulled into a mission that “no one can handle besides him” which is how these things always seem to begin. He ends up in Kabul seeking revenge for his old partner—and also needs to track down an asset who’s carrying a memory card full of goodies that can ruin a lot of powerful people—and then ends up back in the states, with him and his family running for their lives and not knowing who they can trust.

There’s one item to note that is a pretty big book flaw, and I’m surprised it got by the editors. There’s a page in the story were Dan is talking to a young boy named Zalmay in Kabul; to that point, Zalmay had been working closely with Dan’s former partner, Cougar, for months. Dan and Zalmay were talking, and Dan said, “…I want you to tell me what you and Cougar were doing in Kandahar before he died.” Which, by the nature of the sentence, lets Zalmay know that Cougar is dead. But six pages later, it reads as follows:  “…Just one more thing.” Morgan knew that this would be a shock to the young man, and so he had waited to tell him. Morgan turned down the radio. The gaudy pop music played in stark context to the solemnity of the moment. “Did you know that Cougar was found dead in Kandahar?” Zalmay looked at him with wide, pitiful eyes. “No,” he whispered. “It cannot be.”

Hey, none of us are perfect, but I found myself thinking – You just told him that Cougar was dead six pages ago. Despite that, the book was very good—full of chase scenes, shootouts, assassination attempts, high-speed chases, hand-to-hand combat, and some good old fashioned thinking. So even though there was one big boo boo, I’d recommend it for some quick and suspenseful entertainment. ‘Til next week, happy reading! 🙂

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Good Sunday morning! I hope this finds you well.

This week’s recommendation is Touch and Go by Lisa Gardner. I’ve read, or listened to, several of her books in the past year, and she’s a great writer. In this book, a family of three is abducted from their luxurious Boston townhouse—no small feat—and it’s up to local PD, along with police up in New Hampshire, and experts at the FBI to find them. The trio is an extremely wealthy family from a ritzy part of the city, and initially the suspect list appears to be quite long. But when no ransom demand comes in, the authorities are left scratching their heads as they try to beat the clock against a set of kidnappers who aren’t following the usual script.

Touch and Go is a fast-paced read with a lot of complicated moments between family members whose seemingly pampered lives have become quite complex. There are several surprises at every turn, but none so much as the ending. So give Touch and Go a “go” and enjoy. ‘Til next week, happy reading! 🙂

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Happy Friday! I hope you’re looking forward to a fun weekend.

This week’s read was The Heist, by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg. If you’ve read any of Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series, this is in the same vein of humor, silliness, and quick pace. In this story, the main characters are Kate O’Hare, sassy FBI agent, and criminal-hottie-extraordinaire, Nick Fox. Kate’s FBI career has been spent chasing the elusive Mr. Fox and has had to endure his taunting and practical jokes throughout the journey. When she finally catches him–by hitting his crew’s getaway car with a bus–he pulls his biggest con of all by convincing the FBI to let him help them catch an even bigger criminal. Far fetched? Probably. But funny.

This is a cute, zany story full of cons, high-speed chases, trips to exotic locations, flirtation, a crew of renegade wannabes as well as some pirates thrown in for good measure. The book won’t leave you pondering the meaning of life or anything like that, but it’s an easy, fast read that will keep you entertained. So when you need something light on the docket, give this one a go. Have yourself a great weekend, and ’til next week, happy reading! 🙂


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Happy first day of September! Does this mean summer is coming to an end?? Say it isn’t so…

Anyway, I have a GREAT read for you for this week called The Other Daughter by Lisa Gardner. I’ve read some of Gardner’s series starring main character D. D. Warren, and I liked those, so I thought I’d give this book a shot, and it did not disappoint.

This story is about a young lady named Melanie Stokes who was abandoned in a hospital twenty years prior and subsequently adopted by one of the wealthy surgeons and his wife. She’s raised with love and all things money can buy, but one day–out of the blue–a reporter tracks her down to tell her that she’s really the daughter of a serial killer who was coincidentally put to death twenty years ago. While Melanie tries to ignore the allegations, some strange and scary events begin to occur which force her to face her past. And she realizes the family who “randomly” adopted her has possibly been lying to her for decades. By her side throughout the ordeal is a FBI agent with some ghosts of his own, and sparks quickly fly between the two…not enough to make you vomit, but just the right amount.

This is a very quick read, but you need to be paying attention because of all the twists and turns. I had to force myself to slow down a couple of times to make sure I had everything right in my head. It was a great book, and Gardner did a masterful job of tying up a million loose ends to make a nice and tidy conclusion. So give this one a go, and ’til next week, happy reading! 🙂

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