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Good Sunday morning! I hope this finds you well.

This week’s read was 15 Seconds, by Andrew Gross, who has co-authored several books with James Patterson. In this story, main character and plastic surgeon, Dr. Henry Steadman, is in Jacksonville, FL, to deliver a keynote speech at a conference when he’s pulled over for a routine traffic violation…that’s anything but routine. Several officers show up on the scene, and Henry is threatened, cuffed, and thrown in the back of the police cruiser. He can’t imagine what has caused this behavior by the officers, but almost as quickly, he’s yanked back out of the police vehicle and made to get on his way. As Henry and the last officer are preparing to leave, a car pulls alongside the officer’s vehicle, fires shots, and the policeman is killed. When the car speeds off, Henry is left as the only witness, and very likely, the only suspect. When Henry turns to a local friend for help and that friend also ends up murdered, well, let’s just say that Henry is in deep doo-doo.

The pace of this book is so fast that I couldn’t read it right before bed because it had my head swirling (in a good way). It’s action-packed from start to finish and an excellent cat-and-mouse story between the good doctor and the person trying to ruin his life. So give this one a go, and hang on for the ride; it’s a good one! ‘Til next week, happy reading. 🙂

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Good cold Sunday morning! I’m looking out at a whole bunch of fluffy snow and am glad to be snuggled up inside today.

This week’s read was Bel-Air Dead, by Stuart Woods, and is part of his Stone Barrington series. I hadn’t read one of these in a while and was glad to revisit the glamorous life of Stone and his uber-wealthy friends. In this story, Stone flies his private jet from his ritzy life in New York City out to Bel Air to try to help his friend and widow, Arrington Calder, save Centurion Studios from being over-taken by an aggressive investor who wants to sieze a controlling share of the studio and then bulldoze most of it. As the race to round up shareholders’ voting interests heats up, dead bodies start piling up, cars start blowing up, and stakes continue going up until the final meeting to determine controlling interest occurs. It’s a whirlwind in between, and the side deals throughout the book–multi-million dollar side deals–keep it interesting as well.

I started reading this book on an airplane on Friday night for an hour or so, and then I read for a few hours yesterday and finished it up. It was a super-fast read, and I always get a kick out of all the movie-star glitz and over-the-top money in these books. For instances, this one saw Arrington buying a plane with the same effort that it would take me to go pickup a shirt at the mall; another example is that the characters didn’t want to drive the Bentley to dinner one evening (because they didn’t want to stick out) so they “settled” for the Mercedes. Their wealth borders on something I can’t get my mind around, but it’s a fun escape, and it makes me smile, wondering what it would be like waking up every day with all of their so-called problems. Anyway…for a quick, good read as to how the other half lives, please give this one a go. ‘Til next week, happy reading! 🙂 And go Patriots!!

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Happy Saturday night! I know this is outside my normal post, but I’m going to be on a flight bright and early tomorrow morning, plus I have a Patriots game to watch here shortly. Go Pats!

So, I wrote about the first two books in Lisa Lutz’s Spellman series back in December, and tonight I’m writing about Books 3 and 4, Revenge of the Spellmans and The Spellmans Strike Again. These both continue in the same vein of the first two books, with zany family antics, some new arrivals on the dating scene, as well as within the Spellman clan, and some ever-changing living arrangments for Isabel. Despite all that, Izzy actually shows a few signs of growing up; just a few, though, no worries.

I’m working on Book 5, of course, and I’m sure it’ll find its way into a blog post soon. But I’m also going to start another book while traveling this week, so you may get a Spellman-reprieve next weekend. Only time will tell. ‘Till then, happy reading! 🙂



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