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Good Sunday morning! It’s a brisk one today in the Boston area, and it would be a great day to cuddle up with a good book. Just sayin’…

This week’s read was The Rembrandt Affair by Daniel Silva (no relation), and it was GREAT. Main character, art-restorer, and butt-kicker Gabriel Allon, who’s supposedly retired from the “Office”, finds himself on a hunt for a missing Rembrandt, lost now for several decades. That quickly leads to his “un-retirement”, as the search for the painting leads him down a path to wartime crimes of the past and eventually to a billionaire global hotshot, who’s supplying the Iranians with components to make nuclear weapons. Allon’s escapades easily bounce from Europe, to the Middle East, to the United States, and the pace is non-stop. I kept waiting for a lull in the story, or section where I might get bored–that literally never happened. It’s just go-go-go until the very end.

This isn’t one of those “you’ll probably like it” books–it’s one of those “definitely read it, you won’t be disappointed” type of books. So give it a go, and let me know what you think. ‘Til next week, happy reading! 🙂

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Good Sunday morning everyone! I hope this finds you safe, happy, and ready to face the day.

To begin, I recommended Split Second last Sunday and, as I indicated then, I hadn’t finished it. I did finish it early this week, and it had a little sci-fi section that I didn’t see coming, which got a bit weird for my taste. It was still a good read, and I really liked the Ted-Bundy’s-daughter-as-the-bad-guy/girl factor. But I’m not that into sci-fi/voodoo/magic stuff, so for that part of the book, I definitely scratched my head a bit.

This week, I finished Janet Evanovich’s Notorious Nineteen. It was all things Evanovich—silly, zany, wacky, a little unrealistic, but funny in her typical form. In this caper, bounty hunter Stephanie Plum and her voluptuous sidekick Lula are (primarily) looking for a perp who mysteriously disappears from a hospital after recently stealing millions of dollars, and—as is typical—there are a lot of side stories along the way. There’s a Yeti, a horrible pink bridesmaid’s dress, a little person, a firebomb in an apartment, several torched cars, tons of fast food, Grandma Mazur dressing like a hooker, and some Morelli and Ranger scenes to keep it interesting for the ladies.

If you enjoy standard Evanovich, then this is a good one. It’s a super-fast read and with overall  general silliness. For those of you who are into more thought-provoking, political espionage thrillers, this probably isn’t for you. For next week, I’m almost done with Broken Arrow by Tana French, and there’s nothing silly about this one. It’s a dark mystery that’s very cerebral, a bit melancholy, and quite good. But I’m getting ahead of myself…I’ll finish that one and let you know next week. ‘Til then, happy reading! 🙂

P.S. On a complete self-promotion note, you can signup for a free copy of my book, Two Out of Three, on goodreads.com, under the Giveaway section. Have a great day!


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