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Good morning Readers ~ happy Sunday-after-Thanksgiving. I hope that you and yours had a wonderful holiday and further hope that you can still fit in your jeans. ūüėČ (Sweatpants are a good thing anyway).

This week’s review is Alone, by Lisa Gardner.¬† I think this is the third, maybe fourth, book that I’ve read of hers, and it was very good. She generally has some pretty dark topics, and this one followed suit, but the “darkness” is never so bad that you shut the book. In this story, main character Bobby Dodge, who’s¬†a sniper for the Boston¬†State police,¬†and is called out on a domestic dispute, where he subsequently shoots and kills the husband involved. Seems straightforward enough. But there are a lot of factors Bobby doesn’t know when he pulls the trigger:¬†#1) that said¬†husband is the son of a prominent Boston judge;¬†#2) that, twenty-five years ago,¬†the wife was a young girl who was abducted and kept in a hole in the woods for a month; #3) that the man who took the wife/young¬†girl was just released from prison; #4) that the¬†couple has¬†a mysteriously sick child, with¬†many believing the wife is making him¬†ill¬†#5) that the drop-dead gorgeous wife will now make a play for Bobby, #6) that¬†after the shooting, Bobby will¬†be involved in a wrongful death lawsuit, and that his job and reputation¬†will be questioned by many. Lots of stuff going on for a guy who was just doing his job…

There was such a huge twist at the end of this book that I actually said “No way!” out loud as I was listening to it. (Audible.com, people. It’s a wonderful thing). So give this¬†book a go ~ it’s really fast paced and leaves you feeling like justice was done in the end. ‘Til next week, happy reading! ūüôā

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Good morning All! I hope this finds you happy and healthy on a sunny Sunday morning.

This past week, I started listening to a great book and also began reading an awesome book,¬†but I didn’t finish either one of them. So, as I’ve promised in the past, I dug into the archives and came up with a really fun¬†read that I think you’ll enjoy.

The title is The Big Dig, and for those of you who live around Boston, you’ll know that’s a play on words for the 14-billion-dollar boondoggle that revamped the city’s infrastructure. (To be fair, it did help immensely, but 14-billion?? Holy shnikkies). For you readers, it’s a¬†fictional story about six-foot-tall, sassy, red-headed¬†Carlotta Carlyle, who has to¬†go undercover at one of the big dig’s construction sites to investigate accusations of fraud, and eventually murder.¬†While trying to “blend” at her undercover gig, she also takes on a missing person’s case which turns out to NOT be a piece of cake, and during the turmoil of both cases, she internally battles herself about her ex-boyfriend¬†who has¬†possible mob ties.¬†Other than that, she doesn’t have a lot going on… ūüôā

Linda Barnes has created a great character in Carlyle ~ she’s fearless¬†yet flawed, and that makes her real. It’s a¬†very¬†easy read, and I’d highly recommend it¬†with a nice glass of lemonade outside. Next week, I’ll have at least one of the other books I mentioned finished, and so far, they’re both GREAT.¬†‘Til then, happy¬†reading everyone!

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