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Good Sunday morning! I hope this finds you well.

This week’s read was another by one of my favorites, Linda Fairstein, titled Death Dance. In this NYC based mystery, Assistant DA Alex Cooper investigates the disappearance of a world-famous dancer, who vanishes during a performance at Lincoln Center’s Metropolitan Opera House. Along with her colleagues, Mike Chapman and Mercer Wallace, the trio delve into the nuances of New York City’s theatre scene and discover that there’s an ugly side to the business. One that involves greed, jealousy, power, and tons o’ money. Other cases they’re wrapped up in during the novel: a Turkish doctor working in the U.S. who’s drugging young women in order to have his way with them, and a rapist they believe to be a homeless person, based on a controversial DNA sample. Per Fairstein’s “formula” that works so well, Alex manages to have a couple of brushes with death during the story, but no worries. The series lives on…

If you like history–especially about theatre and/or buildings in NYC–this will be a great book for you. Fairstein always delves into some historical tidbits about NYC in her Alex Cooper novels, but this one seems to have more than most and is very interesting. Also, the banter between the three colleagues is always fun, and there are many final Jeopardy questions in this read so that the characters can show off some of their “off the field” knowledge of various topics.

So grab this one–and maybe one other– of Fairstein’s Alex Cooper’s novels. It’ll be entertaining and educating, and it really doesn’t get a lot better than that. ‘Til next week, happy reading! 🙂


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