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Good day and happy first-Sunday-of-2013 to you! I hope you’ve recovered from the hubbub of the holidays. It’s a balmy twenty-seven degrees in Massachusetts this morning, so it’s a perfect time to write and tell you about a book I read (actually I was able to read several books ~ yeah!) over the last couple of weeks.

The title of the book is Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn. This was my first Flynn novel, and I’m been hearing rave reviews about her, so I was excited to give it a go. Let me say this before I delve into the plot ~ she is a GREAT writer. She elicits emotions that you don’t even know you have, and she does it in an amazingly carefree way. The writing is snarky, intelligent, trendy, and sarcastic, yet manages to have some tender moments. Most impressive, Ms. Flynn.

The plot…let’s just say that I’ve never wanted to throw a book across the room so badly as when I was reading this book. That’s not to say it was bad at all. Quite the contrary; it was just infuriating. It’s about a marriage gone WAY awry and the subsequent disappearance of the beautiful wife on the couple’s fifth wedding anniversary. As the local yokels begin to uncover the clues to her disappearance, the hubby quickly becomes the prime suspect, but he contends that he had nothing to do with it. We’ve all seen this type of story in the news, right? WRONG. I thought I had it all figured out about one-third of the way through the book. WRONG. It’s an ending you simply won’t guess. And if you do…? Then you should be writing side-by-side with Ms. Flynn. 😉

The thing that kept me–and will keep you–going with this book is the very simple fact that you want to know what happened to the lovely former-Manhattanite-now-living-on-the-Mississippi-river-in-her-husband’s-hometown wife. And when you do…well, hopefully your wall won’t have a dent in it from where the book chipped the paint. ‘Til next week, happy reading! 🙂


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