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Happy Friday! I hope you’re looking forward to a fun weekend.

This week’s read was The Heist, by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg. If you’ve read any of Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series, this is in the same vein of humor, silliness, and quick pace. In this story, the main characters are Kate O’Hare, sassy FBI agent, and criminal-hottie-extraordinaire, Nick Fox. Kate’s FBI career has been spent chasing the elusive Mr. Fox and has had to endure his taunting and practical jokes throughout the journey. When she finally catches him–by hitting his crew’s getaway car with a bus–he pulls his biggest con of all by convincing the FBI to let him help them catch an even bigger criminal. Far fetched? Probably. But funny.

This is a cute, zany story full of cons, high-speed chases, trips to exotic locations, flirtation, a crew of renegade wannabes as well as some pirates thrown in for good measure. The book won’t leave you pondering the meaning of life or anything like that, but it’s an easy, fast read that will keep you entertained. So when you need something light on the docket, give this one a go. Have yourself a great weekend, and ’til next week, happy reading! 🙂


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