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Happy Sunday! It’s a beautiful sunny morning in Massachusetts, and I’ve got the windows open as I write. Love this weather.

This week’s read was The Fifth Assassin, by Brad Meltzer. A friend recommended this book to me a few months ago, so I need to say THANKS for the great suggestion, Claire. This story was a follow-up to The Inner Circle (that I wrote about quite awhile back), starring national archivist Beecher White. The premise behind this mystery is that Beecher has realized that someone who’s murdering people is trying to recreate the four successful presidential assassinations. Beecher needs to move fast in order to stop the fifth, which is directed at fictional President Wallace. Despite the mutual hostile feelings between the Presdient and Beecher, Beecher works with some friends from his past–as well as some recent foes–in order to protect the office of the Presidency.

With lots of twists, turns, and historical snippets, this is a fast-moving, educational read. A few times I found myself feeling a bit inadequate in my lack of knowledge about the four Presidential assassinations to date, but hey! I was informed and entertained, so what’s better than that? Give this one a try, and let me know what you think. ‘Til next week, happy reading! 🙂


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