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Good Sunday morning! We had a few more inches of snow last night, and I am so over it. Can’t. Wait. Until. Spring.

So this week’s read was a mystery but a little different from my usual caper. The title is The First Rule of Ten, by Gay Hendricks and Tinker Lindsay.

Tibetan monk turned cop turned private detective, Tenzing Norbu, is the main character in this story. Sounds a little far-fetched, I know. Keep reading. While this book doesn’t delve into sci-fi or magic, Ten is different from your normal P.I. in that he’s into meditation and is a bit of a spiritual warrior. He also eats super-healthy, which left me feeling completely inadequate after many a chapter. There’s a line in the book that reads as follows: “Mostly, I eat fresh fruit, vegetables, and legumes, with the occasional cheese, egg, or fish product…” I have to admit—I had to look up legume online. (It’s a dry fruit and didn’t sound too appetizing to me, shocker).

So, for a quick summation, Ten’s first rule to live by is “Don’t ignore intuitive tickles lest they reappear as sledgehammers.” After resigning from the police force and becoming a P.I., a stranger briefly comes to Ten’s home looking for the previous owner. When that stranger ends up murdered the next day, Ten can’t help but feel some sort of responsibility and starts looking into the woman’s past. Which leads him smack into the middle of a nearby cult, an insurance scam, and a wonderful new friend.

I really liked this book because it was an atypical P.I. story, and Ten made me think I should stop and smell the roses more often. And maybe eat a legume at some point in my life? ‘Til next week, happy reading! 🙂



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